Provost Distribution

Provost Distribution

  • 750 employees
  • Created in 1963

Message from us :

Our family business, dynamic and market leader is looking for the talents of tomorrow to build the future! All we need is you!!! So join our teams and find an excellent work environment!

Perrine Wasselynck, Human Resources Director

Our history

The Provost Group's family history began in 1963, when Claude Provost and his wife founded the Provost company. Self-taught and pioneering, he understood the potential of the storage world and invented the first racking without screws or bolts : the PROTUB - a revolutionary product at the time and still sold today.

Over the years, the Group has made several external acquisitions in order to extend its expertise and offer its customers an even more complete range of products in the world of storage and space planning. Present in France and in Europe, the Provost Group consists of 13 companies and 750 employees who work every day to ensure the company's future success for a global turnover of 123 million euros.

Mr. Provost believed in people and established a relationship of trust with his employees. Over the years, the motivation, determination and trust of the company's people have made Provost the Group it is today.

Then join us to write the rest of the story !

Why our clients are satisfied

The Provost Group's mission is to translate the requirements of the most diverse sectors of the economy (administrations, local authorities, SMEs, European multinationals, etc.) and to offer a global service as a designer and manufacturer thanks to reliable, solid and innovative proposals that can be constantly adapted to the evolving needs of its customers.

The know-how of our companies allows us to offer a complete solution adapted to each business, to each company. Our range of products extends from storage solutions for logistics warehouses to customised museographic or hotel facilities, including communication media (neon signs, notice boards) and the layout of sales areas.

Our main asset: sales force all over Europe to be closer to our customers.

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An interesting job with advancement opportunities in a dynamic, motivated team with a good mood ... A good basis to feel at ease everyday, and want to move forward together.

Deborah Baert, Export Sales Assistant

I joined the Provost company almost 3 years ago and I am very satisfied to have joined this group. The philosophy of this company is beyond my expectations. Whether industrial, commercial or human resources policy, everything is very well orchestrated in positive dynamics. The Provost group has values ​​through which I completely identify myself.

Laurent Peere, Purchasing Manager

Arrived at PROVOST in 2003, as a junior technician in a sales department, then I joined the North agency to become the technical manager, also responsible for training since this year. I have a special attachment to the company for its professional and human values ​​(Growing Together). Where there is a will, there is a way.

Laurent Grimonprez, Technical Manager

Having joined Provost more than 18 years ago as Export Assistant, I have been offered to move to an Assistant Management position. I appreciate the human values found in the company, both at the level of employees and at the level of management.
Provost daily grows but remains a family company in its operating mode.

Anne Vanbelle, Managing Director's Assistant

I arrived in 2005 with a technical training and I did not know anything about storage.
I learned the job of technician thanks to the contact with my colleagues, now, being design office coordinator for France, I strive to transmit the knowledge acquired to my new collaborators. I also like to steer our sales force on relevant solutions, which can make the difference particularly during technical realization.

Cédric Turpin, Design Office Coordinator for France

I joined Provost in 1987 and I worked in 4 jobs. I started in Logistics at the Halluin site, to set up computerized inventory management, and later I took the responsibility for the logistics warehouse. In 1994 I joined the site of Neuville in Ferrain, to participate in the creation of the warehouse, and in 1998 to change our ERP. Since 2000 I have been a buyer. I had the chance to acquire different skills by beeing trained at each change of position. Provost always trusted me and I have been helped a lot in my work.
With our colleagues, we have developed activities outside the work environment: I personally play football and run. We have had some great events with Provost: the launch of new products, the 50 years celebration of the company, visits to museums ... I work with people I appreciate, especially for their human values. Provost is a "good" company with a bright future.

Thierry Hage, Buyer

I joined PROVOST 6 years ago as a sales representative. After 3 years in the field to consolidate my experience and to grow, the Board entrusted me with the management of the agencies of Metz and Beaune. The results are clearly visible with a very satisfactory turnover while establishing good human relations The quality and the evolutions of the products proposed to our customers allow us to elaborate good sales arguments. If sometimes dysfunctions appear, it is rewarding to find a sympathetic ear to find solutions.

Benjamin Jimenez, Sales Team Leader

What motivates my (long) career in the company is essentially the variety of tasks in my different functions (Technician, Design Office Technician, then Development Manager and finally Sales Representative), a pronounced taste for techniques, the possibility of getting involved beyond the missions I was given, the regular professional promotion that I was given. In my current mission, my daily motivation is to discover our clients with each one their respective businesses, an impressive panel of professions, each with their own problematics on which we can bring our expertise to help them in their projects.

Grégoire Frys, Sales Representative

My adventure at Provost began as an internship for several months in the Export department where I had the opportunity to meet friendly and available employees most of whom had worked for several years in the company. This pleasant company, rich in history, its human size with people who know each other and readily exchange give me a sense of belonging.
Young and dynamic, the Management did not hesitate to trust me quickly and offered me a first experience in the framework of the Volunteer for International Experience programme for a period of 1 year. I took the road abroad, which always "excited" me. For several years I worked on the development of our sales in Poland, first as a sales representative. As our business grew, I saw myself: developing, progressing, growing.
As the company culture is fundamentally based on people, PROVOST and its management have decided to continue to trust me and that is how I was promoted to the position of Sales Manager for Poland. Today, I am responsible for a reliable and professional Polish team of sales representatives, technicians and assistants with whom we face new challenges every day.

Adrian Sasiela, Sales Manager for Poland

I joined the company in 1999 as a sales representative for the Orléans area. After 3 years in this part of France, I joined the Bretagne Pays de la Loire branch as a sales representative. For the past 7 years, I have been working as a manager with responsibility for the Nantes sales office. A new job for me with a team of 13 people to manage and which brings me real satisfaction in my daily life. What is exciting at Provost: a rich and diverse group of customers and a very rewarding job because we have the opportunity to build a project in partnership with our customers.

Jacques Cadoux, Area Sales Manager

What I like at Provost: This is a French family business / existing since 1963 / the extensive range of products / The people who work for this company / its ability to produce tailor-made products / the qualitative image it promotes / the opportunity to participate in the restructuring of the agency (ambitious and measurable objective) / its proximity strategy (80 sales representatives).

Jean-Marc Delmotte, Sales Team Manager

SUMMARY 1993 - 2019:
26 years at Provost.
A lot of business won.
Many trained salespeople.
Training given and received.
Beautiful successes, good recruitments, beautiful memories ...

Laurent Breget, Sales Manager

I joined the company in November 1993 in a "nursery", a term used to define new "young" salespeople who have to change region after training at headquarters.... Small successes to which I have contributed and which will generate others. The Company is always in constant evolution and my experience and ideas can help it to grow. I have also been promoted to Regional Director recently. There is still a lot to be done. Changes always take too long, but I still have confidence and I want to contribute as a major player to change them to go further....

Luc Boulanger, Southwest regional sales manager

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